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In the Dragon Magazine Archive software was published where Wizards of the Coast failed to get permission to reprint many of the original articles such as the Knights of the Dinner Table comic in the electronic media archive. As a nod to the fictional version from the comic, this first edition of Hackmaster was published as the 4th Edition. Since its release in , HackMaster has evolved into a full-fledged role-playing game, spawning over forty add-ons, supplements and game aids.

Works (53)

Most notable products include a panel gamemaster's shield, a page character sheet and a volume monster encyclopedia. The Hacklopedia of Beasts , the Hackmaster version of the Monster Manual , was next released as eight separate volumes. The first rulebook for the new edition, HackMaster Basic , was sent out to preorderers on June 19, The title is a nod to the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set, although HackMaster Basic was re-written so as to not contain any copyrighted material from Wizard of the Coast.

The game includes an official player's handbook, an alternate campaign setting changed from Garweeze Wurld to Kingdoms of Kalamar, a comprehensive, one-volume bestiary called the Hacklopedia of Beasts, and a GM's guide. Also provided are a pantheon of gods and attendant rituals and spells for the cleric class to choose from.

Some of the game rule changes include a count-up system, as opposed to a "combat round" type of in-game time-keeping method. Players plan their actions second-by-second, with little or no down time between actions.

Hacklopedia of Beasts Vol: III softcover supplement (HackMaster) K&C

Player characters in combat actively defend as well as attack and various combat maneuvers are offered to create a more realistic feel to the hostile encounter. There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. HackMaster 4th Edition.

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Kicking ass is one of the most sure-fire ways to get it; getting mocked by the hirelings is one of the most sure-fire ways to lose it. Characters with an optimal Honor ranking gain bonuses to their die rolls as well as the opportunity to re-roll one die roll every session; characters with below acceptable Honor suffer penalties to their die rolls. Since your average PC has a general history of burning down every other village they come across, a GameMaster can track a slow and steady descent from a pleasant alignment such as neutral good into something less good as chaotic evil , or his attempt to redeem himself and stay true to his beliefs- and, if necessary, inform the character that his behavior has crossed the line.

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Alignment changes carry a good deal of stigma in HackMaster - not to mention a strong penalty. Interestingly enough, the problem that most people have with HackMaster is the way the writing is done. The style of the writing demonstrated in the HackMaster Player's Handbook and in the HackMaster GameMaster's Guide both have a notable edge to them- throughout the PHB, the tone is one of conspiracy, of the stereotypical attitude that the game is really, truly a competition between the players and the gamemaster. As a counterpoint, the attitude presented in the GMG is one of smugness- the person reading the book is urged to affect a tough-but-fair stance towards his fellows. Players aren't there to be coddled, they're there to hack and cut and slice their way to the top of the world- the sense of achievement will be more rewarding than waltzing through life with a silver spoon. The difficulty that most players have with HackMaster, by far and large, is not the revival of level limits for demihumans or the inflexibility of character advancement- it is the attitude presented in the book that in order to "be a real HackMaster player," they have to abide by EVERY rule in the book, and above that, shell out the membership fees that come with being part of the HMPA or the HMGMA.

Unfortunately, those who complain about this are often unfamiliar with the Knights of the Dinner Table and what goes on in there- KenzerCo is hardly going to mock you to your face for playing a game that doesn't abide by all the rules if you're not sanctioned. You'll be mocked by the people on the KenzerCo. If you're up for a strong fantasy role-playing game , investigate the books or check out a demo. You may find yourself surprised- or, you may not. There has been a volume of products produced by Kenzer and Company fictionally in license by Hard 8 Enterprises proving that Hackmaster is a bona fide RPG.