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Search Cart. Search for:. Book Pages: Illustrations: Published: October A refugee trail over the Pyrenees in French Catalonia. A historic copper mine in Sweden. The Shuf mountains in Lebanon.

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The Swiss Alps. The heart of the West African diaspora in southeast London. The anthropologist Michael Jackson makes his sojourns to each of these far-flung locations, and to his native New Zealand, occasions for exploring the contradictions and predicaments of social existence.

Catalog Record: The accidental anthropologist : a memoir | HathiTrust Digital Library

Throughout Excursions , Jackson emphasizes the need for preconceptions and conventional mindsets to be replaced by the kind of open-minded critical engagement with the world that is the hallmark of cultural anthropology. Paperback Cloth. Availability: In stock. Add to cart. Open Access.

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Request a Review Copy. Categories Coming Soon. Recently Released. Award Winners. Biblical Studies. Dead Sea Scrolls. Second Temple Ju Hermeneutics and T Grammars and Exege Old Testament Studies Criticism.

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Apocrypha and Pseu New Testament Studies John Studies. Jesus Studies. Paul Studies. Synoptic Gospels. Old Testament General Works. Song of Solomon. This first title in the New Zealand Lives series is not only an engaging portrait of a principled pioneer but a vivid picture of political life in the country in the last years of the 19th century. These short biographies are authoritative yet accessible - useful for everyone interested in the colorful panorama of Aotearoa's unique tapestry. Judith Devaliant was born in Dunedin and grew up in an all-female household. Honours in History. A working holiday in Britain ended with marriage to Lionel, who was a London policeman and is now deputy principal at an Auckland school. Their four daughters are pursuing their own careers in Auckland and Japan. Judith worked as a reference librarian before resigning to become a fulltime writer. She is continuing her research on Kate Sheppard and other women of that period. She is a keen gardener who enjoys walks along Auckland's beaches and some gentle hiking. Published by Shoal Bay Press.

The war closed in on Sepa inexorably, and Brent soon realized that somehow he would have to arrange for Aza to escape from the ever-tightening grip of the Serb militia before they finally destroyed the town. It was only through complex and devious negotiations that Brent was able to arrange for Aza to be smuggled out of Zepa - at a price. In return he would have to take extraordinary risks and display raw courage as he bent UN rules until they broke.

This is both Brent's story of how he orchestrated Aza's escape, told for the first time, and Aza's own story - a harrowing and moving account of what life was really like in a Muslim enclave under siege from the Serbs. Escape From Bosnia is both a real-life love story and a gripping tale of adventure and intrigue: the tenderness and the suspense are brilliantly captured by award-winning author Sue McCauley. Fairburn by Denys Trussell. Distributed by Addenda Books. This biography shifts emphasis in the memories we have of A. Fairburn Too often he is recalled simply as a highly amusing satirist and polemicist, an irritant in the social tissue.

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  8. It is not fully appreciated that Fairburn was a literary artist of great emotional range, and that his commentary on New Zealand society could be searching and acute. Nor is it realized that his roots were exceptionally deep, his paternal line having been in New Zealand since The biography explores the persistence of certain elements in his life which were evident in the lives of his grandfather and great grandfather. As a public figure he was at times involved in the urgent issues of the day, particularly during the years of the Depression. His life was short, his death painful and shocking to those who knew him as an exceptionally vital human being.

    A thread throughout the book, his persistent sense of fatality, is followed from its earliest appearance to its final apotheosis. He exemplifies the dilemma facing people of sensibility in a raw, young culture. Defensive clowning, brilliance expended on a host of trivia, a difficulty in focusing on his own very great poetic gifts, are all aspects of the problem. That is not to say his life was bleak, or made light by shallow posturing as a joker.

    Far from it. He was in many ways a happy man, more than capable of joy. And his contribution to the collective consciousness in New Zealand, especially through his best poetry, is enduring, rich and positive. Denys Trussell, classical pianist, biographer, and poet, was born in Christchurch in and educated at the University of Auckland, where he graduated with a masters degree in English in The writing of this biography has occupied much of his time since He is a widely published essayist and poet.

    He has also since written a novel. In he resumed with his father his study as a classical pianist and has given recitals throughout New Zealand. For Pete's Sake by Rosalie Henderson. Published by Hazard Press. Roslaie Henderson writes affectionately of family life, with love and laughter, on a remote farm in the Marlborough Sounds. It was a matter of do or die, and if you messed up the doing, there was a good chance you'd die laughing. Laugh with Rosalie in a book that is the real stuff of history" - Joy Crowley. Golden Harvest,The by Patricia K.